Dutton // Dunphy


My mum, Kate Dunphy, was born in Helensville NZ, in 1967. As a child she lived in a very small house with her huge family of 9, in Whangaparoa, which she describes as "hectic, but always loads of fun". She always loved art and music, and was particularly good at painting and playing the piano. One of her earliest childhood memories was getting a blood nose when she was 4 and having no idea what was going on!


My Dad, Edward Dutton, was born in Johannnasburg, South Africa in 1972. he travelled to New Zealand on a plane in 2006, after meeting my mum in London and marrying her and raising their one daughter- Evie. When he was young he did very well in sport, and ended up being one of the best cricket players in his age group in all South Africa schools. He was raised Anglican, and says religion gave his life hope and meaning. His childhood was super fun, living in a nice place in Boksburg with his two older siblings, but he remembers breaking lots of windows with cricket balls.